How to Transfer the Title of Real Estate Property in the Philippines

STEP 1: SECURE CERTIFICATE AUTHORIZING REGISTRATION FROM BIR Before signing the Deed of Absolute Sale, It is advisable to secure a Certified true copy of Title and Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration to verify the authenticity of the property and it is also needed for securing the Certificate Authorizing Registration or (CAR) from BIR. … Read more

How to Transfer a Title of a Real Estate Property in the Philippines

Documentation is part of the services we do. Transferring of the title can be tiring especially if you do not know what are the requirements to submit. There are three (3) Government Agencies that involve in the transfer. 1. Bureau of Internal Revenue ; 2. Assessor’s Office; 3. Registry of Deeds.

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Can A Foreigner Acquire a Property in the Philippines?

By law, foreigners don’t have the right to acquire land in the Philippines. Only Filipino citizens can own land. Although foreigners cannot own land in the Philippines, they can purchase units in condominium buildings, so long as foreign ownership in a single project will not exceed 40 percent. The simplest way for a foreigner to … Read more