Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development

HLURB is now DHSUD (Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development) Accepting Brokers and Saleperson Application for Registration. Brokers and Salespersons who wants to renew registration may download the form from their Facebook page. Unfortunately they don’t have online application as of this date. NCR office is located at 5th Floor, DHSUD Building, Kalayaan Ave. … Read more

New IRR Resolution No. 2019-1146 Amending Required CPD Units

New IRR Resolution No. 2019-1146 Amending Required CPD Units Good News to all Licensed Real Estate Brokers. The 45 units  Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is now reduced to 15 Units. The new Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Republic Act 10912 or the Continuing Professional Development Law of 2016 is now official. The document … Read more

Can A Foreigner Acquire a Property in the Philippines?

By law, foreigners don’t have the right to acquire land in the Philippines. Only Filipino citizens can own land. Although foreigners cannot own land in the Philippines, they can purchase units in condominium buildings, so long as foreign ownership in a single project will not exceed 40 percent. The simplest way for a foreigner to … Read more